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Remi Jedwab and Jingwen Zheng. “Slum Clearance and Economic Development: Evidence from the City of Darkness in Hong Kong”

Remi Jedwab and Bruno Conte. “Quantifying the Future Effects of Climate Change on sub-Saharan Africa’s Regional Lake Economies”

Mathieu Couttenier, Lucile Laugerette and Remi Jedwab. “Climate Change, Groundwater and Conflict”

Remi Jedwab and Pedro Rodriguez. “The Long-Term Global Effects of Earthquakes on Vertical Urban Development”

Klaus Deininger, Remi Jedwab and Pedro Rodriguez. “Land-Use Regulation and Construction: Global Evidence”

Thomas Esch, Klaus Deininger, Remi Jedwab and Daniela Palacios-Lopez. “Global Height Gradients”

Remi Jedwab. “Horizontal Urban Development at the Expense of Vertical Urban Development? Global Evidence from Subway Openings, Tall Building Construction, and Compactness Measures”

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