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Remi Jedwab. “Subway Expansions and Tall Buildings: Complements or Substitutes?”

Remi Jedwab. “Skyline Investments, Trade, and Tradable Services”

Remi Jedwab. “The Local Spillover Economic Effects of Tall Buildings”

Remi Jedwab. “U.S. and Global Building Height Gradients from Global Building Volume Data”


Klaus Deininger, Remi Jedwab and Pedro Rodriguez. “Land-Use Regulation and Construction Across Cities: A Survey and Global Evidence

Remi Jedwab and Pedro Rodriguez. “The Long-Term Effects of Earthquakes on Vertical Urban Development: Global Evidence”

Remi Jedwab and Jingwen Zheng. “Urban Renewal Policies and Long-Run Economic Development: Evidence from the City of Darkness in Hong Kong”

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