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Remi Jedwab and Bruno Conte. “Squeezed between Shrinking Lakes and Rising Seas: Climate Change Adaptation and the Coming Land Crisis in sub-Saharan Africa”

Remi Jedwab, Carlos Rodríguez-Castelán, Kathryn Nicholson and Roman Zarate. “Climate Change, Structural Change and International Migration: Evidence from Corridor Seco in Central America”

Thomas Esch, Klaus Deininger, Remi Jedwab and Pedro Rodriguez. “Stylized Facts on the Global Distribution of Volume Gradients”

Remi Jedwab. “Vertical Urban Development, International Trade, and Structural Change”

Remi Jedwab and Jingwen Zheng. “Urban Renewal Policies and Long-Run Economic Development: Evidence from the City of Darkness in Hong Kong”

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