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Roberto Samaniego, Remi Jedwab, Paul Romer & Asif Islam. “Scars of Pandemics from Lost Schooling and Experience: Aggregate Implications and Gender Differences Through the Lens of COVID-19”, Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Economic Growth. Paper: Click Here

Remi Jedwab, Gabriel Ahlfeldt and Nathaniel Baum-Snow. “The Skyscraper Revolution: Global Economic Development and Land Savings”

Barr, Jason and Remi Jedwab. “The American (Housing) Dream? U.S. vs. Worldwide Construction Patterns in Global Volume Data”

Thomas Esch, Klaus Deininger, Remi Jedwab and Daniela Palacios-Lopez. “Outward and Upward Construction: A 3D Analysis of the Global Building Stock”

Remi Jedwab and Mark Roberts. “Don’t Look Up? Future Climate Change and Durable Construction”


Remi Jedwab, Paul Romer, Asif Islam & Roberto Samaniego. “Returns to Experience and the Sectoral Misallocation of Labor across Sectors, Occupations, Locations and Cities”.


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