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Remi Jedwab, Mark Koyama and Noel Johnson. “Pandemics, Populations and Places: Evidence from the Black Death.” Reject & Resubmit, Journal of Urban Economics

Paper: Click Here. Appendix: Click Here. 

Roberto Samaniego, Remi Jedwab, Paul Romer & Asif Islam. “Scars of Pandemics from Lost Schooling and Experience: Aggregate Implications and Gender Differences Through the Lens of COVID-19”, Revise & Resubmit, Journal of Economic Growth

Paper: Click Here

Thomas Esch, Klaus Deininger, Remi Jedwab and Daniela Palacios-Lopez. “Built Space and Economic Development: New Insights from a Global 3D Analysis of Building Volumes”

Remi Jedwab, Gabriel Ahlfeldt and Nathaniel Baum-Snow. “The Global Economic and Environmental Effects of Vertical Urban Development”

Remi Jedwab and Mark Roberts. “Are we Over-Building in “Bad” Locations Globally? Evidence on the Non-Effects of Future Climate Change on Global Urban Construction Today”

Remi Jedwab, Roman David Zarate, Federico Haslop, and Carlos Rodriguez. “The Effects of Climate Change in Poor Countries: Evidence from the Permanent Shrinking of Lake Chad”.

Remi Jedwab, Elena Ianchovichina & Federico Haslop. “Consumption Cities: Novel Considerations and Evidence”. 

Remi Jedwab, Paul Romer, Asif Islam & Roberto Samaniego. “Returns to Experience and the Sectoral Misallocation of Labor across Sectors, Occupations, Locations and Cities”.

Remi Jedwab, Brian Blankespoor, Takaaki Masaki and Carlos Rodriguez. “Estimating the Spillover Economic Effects of Foreign Conflict: Evidence from Boko Haram and its Impact on Trade and Cities”.


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